Our Commitment

Promote Gospel Transformation, Not Behavior Modification

Every session points participants to the gospel of Jesus Christ as the source of life-transformation and the foundation for spiritual growth.

See How the Whole Bible Fits Together

From Genesis to Revelation, understand how the entire Bible reveals God’s plan of redemption through Jesus Christ.

Unite Every Age in Christ-centered Study

For churches that wish to align all ages, The Gospel Project provides Christ-centered study for babies through adults. View the Family-Aligned Study Plan here.

Compel Men and Women to Live on Mission

Every session challenges participants to consider how the gospel compels them to live on mission every day.

Understand the Key Themes of Christianity

Helps men and women identify and understand the 99 essential theological doctrines of the Christian faith as they are found throughout the Bible.

Core Values

With The Gospel Project, churches and study groups will be immersed in the gospel through
Christ-centered Study
that helps participants understand how all Scripture, from Genesis to Revelation, gives testimony to Jesus Christ.
Chronological Study Plan
that shows how the Bible is not just a collection of stories, but one unified story— God’s story of redemption.
Age Alignment
for churches that wish to build an church-wide discipleship experience and equip parents to lead spiritual conversations in the home.
Missional Application
that examines how the gospel encourages and empowers us to be mission-driven.
Essential Doctrines
that help participants grasp the theological truths and central themes of the Christian faith.

All-ages Study Plan

Year 1

Fall 2015
God the Creator
(Genesis 1-11)
God the
(Genesis 12-50)
Winter 2016
God the Redeemer
God the Lawgiver
(Exodus, Leviticus,
Spring 2016
God the Savior
(Numbers, Joshua)
God the Judge (Judges,
Ruth, 1 Samuel)
Summer 2016
God the King
(1-2 Samuel)
God All Wise
(1 Kings, Job,
Ecclesiastes, Psalms,

Year 2

Fall 2016
God the Revealer
(1-2 Kings, Isaiah)
God the Pursuer
(Major and Minor Prophets,
1-2 Chronicles)
Winter 2017
God the Sustainer
(Daniel, Ezra)
God the Provider
(Esther, Nehemiah,
Spring 2017
God the Son
God Among Us
Summer 2017
Jesus the Storyteller
(Synoptic Gospels)
Jesus the

Year 3

Fall 2017
Jesus the Savior
Jesus the Risen King
(Gospels, Acts)
Winter 2018
The Spirit Who
Empowers (Acts)
The God Who
Sends (Acts)
Spring 2018
The God Who Directs
His People (Epistles)
The God Who
Us (Epistles)
Summer 2018
God’s Prisoner
(Acts, Epistles)
The God Who Makes
All Things New
(Epistles, Revelation)