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Adult Products

The Gospel Project for Adults features Leader and Personal Study Guides that are uniquely designed to provide in-depth study and commentary in an easy-to-use, group-friendly format.

  • Takes men and women through the entire Bible in three years
  • Shows participants how all Scripture gives testimony to Jesus Christ
  • Highlights 99 essential theological doctrines that every Christian should know
  • Challenges men and women to live on mission in their daily lives

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  • New studies are released every quarter
  • Leader Packs, Leader Guides, and Personal Study Guides feature 13 sessions per quarter, ideal for groups that meet every week
  • 6-session Bible study option ideal for groups that don’t meet every week; one new study releases every three months
  • Leader Guides feature convenient session plans, expanded session content, and commentary for every session in an easy-to-lead format
  • Personal Study Guides make it easy to follow along during group time, provide extra study that can be used during the week, and directly challenge participants to live on mission each session
  • Leader Pack provides useful tools and resources to enhance the Leader Guide
  • Chronological study plan aligns with Students and Kids by Bible story

Journey through the storyline of Scripture.

Ongoing Bible Studies

Ongoing Bible studies feature 13 sessions per quarter and are ideal for groups that meet regularly, no matter which day or time they choose to meet. Purchase adult products here

Leader Guide
A resource designed to help leaders prepare for each session, giving them the essential tools they need to lead adults through the biblical timeline of Scripture.

Leader Pack
A collection of useful tools to help leaders prepare, present, and support the group study for each session. Details on how each item enhances the group experience are included in the Leader Guide. Use with any translation.

Personal Study Guide
A resource designed to help participants walk through each session of the material individually and as a group, exposing them to the chronological timeline of God’s story of redemptive history.

Circular Timeline
Provides a clear view of the three-year scope and sequence of The Gospel Project Chronological in one glance. This visual will help participants grasp the storyline of Scripture and the purpose of Scripture—to point to Jesus as the true hero of the story. Purchase for a church or for adult groups using The Gospel Project Chronological.

Short-term Bible Studies

These 6-session Bible studies release every three months and are perfect for small groups that do not meet every week. View all available Short-term Bible Studies here>

Group Member Book
Offers convenient access to study content for both leaders and participants within a small group experience. Each Group Member Book features six sessions, applicable Scripture, and individual study created for personal discipleship.

Digital Bible Studies

Get your favorite The Gospel Project for Adult content on your favorite mobile device. Browse available digital Bible studies here>

Digital Leader Pack
Provides all the resources found in the printed Leader Pack in a convenient, digital download.

Digital Bundle
Contains both Leader Guide and Personal Study Guide in DOC/PDF formats.

This free app for iOS and Android devices lets you browse, purchase, and use digital issues of The Gospel Project Leader Guides and Personal Study Guides.