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The Centrality of Jesus’ Divinity [The Hero of the Story]

Is Jesus really God? That’s the question we’re addressing on this episode of The Hero of the Story. Listen in as we discuss: How the Bible reveals Jesus as being both human and divine Why it is essential that Jesus is fully divine Why this doctrine is good news for us How this doctrine relates to …

“Jesus the Savior”: Additional Resources for Preschool and Kids (Volume 9)

The following resources are for “Jesus the Savior,” the ninth volume of The Gospel Project for Kids’ 2018-2021 cycle. (Note: PDF documents should open in a new window.) Key Passages Kids references are provided. Preschool and Babies & Toddlers may be shorter. Unit 25 — Colossians 1:13-14 Unit 26 — Philippians 2:8 Unit 27 — …

Is Jesus Really God? [99 in :99]

No matter what they believe, everybody has an opinion about Jesus. Many people will say that He was a great man, a prophet, a powerful teacher. And He is all of these things… But is that all He is? Let’s find out as we look at what the Bible says about the nature of Jesus. …