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Making it Easier to Prepare for Every Session of The Gospel Project

One of the most important parts of a quality group experience is being prepared as a leader. And from the beginning (but not that beginning), The Gospel Project has been providing weekly leader training for every session of curriculum through LifeWay’s Ministry Grid training platform and posts and videos found here on the blog. Recently, …

What Does the Bible Say About Worship? [The Hero of the Story]

What is? That’s the question we’re addressing on this episode of The Hero of the Story. Listen in as we discuss: Where we see worship in Scripture How worship is about more (but not less) than singing Why we need to have a proper perspective on the balance between private and corporate worship How worship relates …

Stay Focused on Jesus: Join us for the Christ-Centered Gospels Webcast

How do we focus on Christ with people who have no familiarity with Him? How are we tempted to sanitize Jesus, especially with kids? Can we study and teach the Gospels in a way that makes us miss the gospel? We’re exploring these questions and more in the Christ-Centered Gospels Webcast. Join us on February …