Jesus isn’t part of the story — He is the point of the story!

The Gospel Project for Students helps to develop and equip your student ministry with a deeper understanding of Scripture and how the story of Jesus Christ ties it all together. In every week and in every lesson, your students will encounter the gospel through the in-depth study of Bible, theology, and missions, with the view of seeing how all the Scriptures point to Jesus, and how the gospel has the ability to transform a student’s life. As your students move through The Gospel Project and allow the truth of the gospel to work on them, move through them, and transform them, they begin to realize that they are participants in God’s gospel project. PURCHASE

The Gospel Project for Students features:

  • A Leader Guide to equip your teachers to: 1) Connect their students to each session, 2) Convey the biblical content and ways to illustrate it, and 3) ways to show how the material Collides with students’ everyday lives 
  • A Personal Study Guide, in print, digital, and downloadable app editions, that provides for your students: 1) weekly devotionals leading up to each week’s lesson, 2) main points of each lesson to follow along while listening to the teacher, and 3) questions for personal reflection, and much, much more.
  • The material is specifically designed to be adaptable to different teaching styles and formats, whether it is Sunday School classes or small groups, etc.
  • Print and digital editions for greater flexibility and ease of use

Additional Information: