God Created the World


My wife and kids gave me a wonderful gift of a framed set of three photos for Father's Day this year. On the left is a photo of my 10-year-old son, Joshua, holding a chalkboard sharing why he loves me. His face is typical for a 10-year-old who is shedding any semblance of childishness with each passing day. His reason for loving me—"there are too many reasons"—captures his personality. Joshua is deeply caring and also a perfectionist. Trying to articulate something as complex as his ... [Reading More]

Revised “I’m a Christian Now!” Resource


The LifeWay Kids team just released a newly revised edition of I'm a Christian Now! for use in kids ministries or in the home to help kids who have trusted in Christ begin to grow in their faith. You might notice that we have begun referencing this in the margin of the Younger Kids and Older Kids leader guides. Sometimes, we spend so much time and effort sharing the gospel with kids and leading them to follow the Spirit and trust in Jesus that we forget to equip them to be a long-term, ... [Reading More]

Jesus Christ Returns

When we moved to Murfreesboro last year, we looked at several homes (our realtor talked us out of looking at 15-20 more on our list) and ended up buying a new home that was completed about a week after we arrived in town. One thing I was really excited about was moving into a brand new home where I didn't really have anything to do. Yeah, that's exactly how it turned out. Who knew that even new homes need work? Well, I do now. Waterproofing our wooden fence. Building a play fort for the ... [Reading More]

God’s Warning to the Churches

I have great respect for my oldest son, Joshua, because he is able to take his time when eating dessert to savor it fully. I inhale mine. This week, we are going to inhale God's Warning to the Churches (Revelation 2-3) and I so wish we could savor it over seven or eight weeks. It's so good! But, alas, we cannot. So the next best thing I can do for you is to go more deeply into each of these seven letters for your benefit, and who knows—perhaps you will be able to weave some of what I ... [Reading More]

Tips to Start Well


As we turn over the calendar pages (does anyone really use paper calendars these days?), we are getting more and more excited about the new cycle of The Gospel Project for Kids starting! We are just days away from the suggested first use Sunday in September. With that said, we also know of churches who have already begun using the materials, so we are so glad to know that the new material we have worked so hard on is finally being used to point kids to Christ. This seems like the perfect time ... [Reading More]

Christ’s Return Is Anticipated

"This just isn't right," I muttered under my breath. "I don't want to be here." ... Tuesday, April 5 started out fairly routine. My wife was schedule to see her OB/GYN that morning in Gainesville, Florida. It was one week until our son Joshua's due date, and so far things had gone pretty smoothly in the pregnancy. So we made the 45-minute trip from the small town where we lived to the "big city" of Gainesville planning on a routine doctor's appointment followed by a nice lunch and return ... [Reading More]

Kids Suggested Use Three-Year Calendar

If you are new to The Gospel Project for Kids and are using our dated material, you will need to understand how the Christmas and Easter units are scheduled. These two units are arranged so they align best with Christmas and Easter, even if that means they are inserted into the middle of another unit. For example, the three Christmas sessions in Unit 5 are scheduled for December 13, 20, and 27 so that they are as close to Christmas as possible. That means they fall right in the middle of Unit 4, ... [Reading More]

Church Responsibility

I love the The Lord of the Rings trilogy. It is a compelling story and so, so well-made. If you have seen the films, you might recall a brief scene in the first part of the saga, The Fellowship of the Ring, where Frodo Baggins attempts to slip away from his traveling companions in a boat so he will not put them at risk any longer. It is a noble action, met by nobler response from his gardener and trustworthy friend, Samwise Gamgee. Sam: "Frodo, no! Frodo! Mister Frodo!" Frodo (under his ... [Reading More]

New for Kids this Fall: Online Resources

The Gospel Project for Kids and Preschool team always strives to make leader resources easily available for leaders. In that spirit, we’re adding some handy dandy resources for leaders to access online (so you don’t have to hunt for the enhanced CD). Perhaps the best resource we’re putting on our website is the Parent Resources doc. We have written tweets, status updates, and a brief email for each Bible story. Send out the emails to parents the evening after you meet to touch base with them ... [Reading More]

Paul’s Ministry to Rome

Several years ago, my daughter, Hannah, was eating something—I believe it was some M&Ms—when she began to choke. My wife ran over to her, spun her around and began to perform the Heimlich Maneuver on her. It wasn't pretty at all—with Hannah's arms flailing around and everything, but it worked. That happened in our living room, right in front of a huge picture window. I sometimes wonder what that might have looked like to someone walking by in that moment. I wonder if they would have ... [Reading More]