Paul’s Second Journey

My father's job took my family to Germany when I was about 10 years old. We lived in southern Germany for nearly six years and I loved that experience. I loved the German history, culture, and food. Especially the food. But not at first. Shortly after we moved to Germany, my parents wanted to go out to dinner one night but my older brother and I balked at the idea. Normally, that wouldn't go far at all and we would have been told to climb into the car because we were going, like it or not. ... [Reading More]

New for Kids this Fall: Missions

Missions Map

The Gospel Project for Kids is designed to guide kids through three steps: Learn how the Bible is one big story of the gospel. Orient their hearts into a posture of love, gratitude, and faithfulness to God because of the gospel. Join in on God's mission to bring Him glory and make Him known to others. A key way we seek to accomplish that crucial third step is through the missions and missional living emphases in both the Bible study and worship times. In the new cycle of The Gospel ... [Reading More]

Paul’s First Journey


After Paul's conversion (Acts 9), he went to Arabia for a time, returned to Damascus, and after three years went to Jerusalem for the first time as a follower of Jesus to visit with Peter. (Galatians 1:17-18) During this time, Luke shifts his attention back to Peter in the Book of Acts, most notably recording his involvement with the first Gentile converts. (Acts 10) Luke also shares about the execution of James, the brother of John in this section. (Acts 12) Then chapter 13 opens with what ... [Reading More]

Gospel Project for Kids Facebook Page

The Gospel Project for Kids team has launched a new Facebook page which we hope will quickly become an online community for kids ministry leaders, teachers, parents, and anyone else who loves The Gospel Project for Kids. One thing that we have noticed is that kids leaders LOVE to share their ideas with others and to seek great ideas from other leaders as well. We anticipate leaders sharing ideas about how to make the activities better, use completely different activities, decorate large group ... [Reading More]

Paul’s Conversion

When we moved to Murfreesboro, Tennessee, last year we bought a newly-built home and new sod was installed just a few days before we moved in. Soon after, the cold weather hit and our new sod, and everyone else's grass, went dormant. This spring, everything began to bloom and turn green in central Tennessee…except for our lawn. Well, that isn't quite the case. The green weeds in our yard seem to be having no trouble growing. It's just my grass that is being bashful. I can see the grass ... [Reading More]

Stephen’s Address

I love history. But that wasn't always the case. Up through high school and even into college I found history to be incredibly boring. I loathed having to memorize the multitude of dates of when events happened. Random dates of when random events happened a long, long time ago. But then something amazing happened. For the first time, I began to learn the connecting thread between those events and dates. I began to realize how one event impacted another event—the causation of history, not just ... [Reading More]

New for Kids This Fall: Activity Pages

Older Kids Activity Page

As you begin teaching The Gospel Project for Kids this fall, you'll notice some neat changes. Younger Kids and Older Kids activity pages each have a new look and some fabulous new features. Check these out. Here's a peek at what's new for kids this fall:   Use the two-sided activity page each week in the classroom, and then send it home as a tool for parents to continue Bible learning throughout the week. Want to see more? Sign up to preview four sessions of The Gospel Project ... [Reading More]

Kids Units 35 and 36 Missing Printable Items

If you purchased the Kids Kit or the Kids Kit with Worship for Volume 12 (Summer 2015) there are two printable items referenced in the Older Kids Leader Guide in Unit 35 Session 2 and Unit 36 Session 1 and one from the Younger Kids Leader Guide in Unit 35 Session 2 that are not on the Enhanced CD. We apologize for this inconvenience to you and your team. Here are the two missing PDFs for you to download and print for your older kids classes: U35 S2 Missionary Jobs U35_S5_FlowerShapes U36 S1 ... [Reading More]

Seven Men Were Chosen

We are all good at finding ways to divide ourselves from others. Some people are experts at it. In fact, I really believe that some people think they have the spiritual gift of division. Ethnicity. Income. Language. Birthplace. Occupation. Doctrinal pet peeves. Even what college team you support. I was recently spending some time with a few kids leaders and one was sharing about how two denominations were formed because of a disagreement about how to fund missions! Dividing because we ... [Reading More]

New for Kids this Fall: Preschool Videos

Today as we continue our series on what’s new in The Gospel Project® for Kids this fall, I have the privilege of introducing you to two of our new favorites over here at LifeWay Kids—Maegan Bruce and her puppet friend, Jesse! As only God could orchestrate, our team was thinking through how to make our preschool videos more preschool-friendly when one of our LifeWay Kids leaders met Maegan at a conference for Children’s Pastors. A partnership was born. Maegan grew up in a ministry family ... [Reading More]