The Tower of Babel

"Look at me!! Watch me!!" We hear those phrases more than we care to admit in our home. Most of the time our three kids, Joshua, Hannah, and Caleb, are the ones uttering those phrases, but I have to admit, not all of the time. Much of the time, these phrases are used pretty harmlessly. One of our kids is inviting us into his or her life to notice something he or she can do. It is an appeal for shared joy. But sometimes, these phrases are used as part of an attention grab. One of our kids ... [Reading More]

Sharing the gospel with tools related to The Gospel Project for Kids

The Gospel Story

This is a guest post by Mary Wiley. Mary works with B&H Publishing now, but was on a member of The Gospel Project for Kids team earlier this year. She is the preschool and children's minister at Fairview Church in Lebanon, TN. As those who hold dearly to the gospel message, desiring that every session of The Gospel Project points to Jesus’ work on the cross, I pray that sharing that message of grace is priority in our lives. Unfortunately, I know that sometimes the busyness of our lives ... [Reading More]

Noah and the Ark

I really enjoy pineapple, so when I see it on sale at the store, I will usually snatch some up. I can't see paying someone else to cut up the pineapple, so I save the money and cut it up myself, eating a good part of it in the process. Then, I will slide whatever is left into the refrigerator... and often forget about it. A few days later (or sometimes a couple of weeks later), I will be digging around the refrigerator looking for something and see the container of pineapple and think, "Hey, ... [Reading More]

Are Kids Capable of Understanding the Gospel?

Sunday afternoons after I volunteer in our kids’ ministry are devoted to long, much-needed naps. Children’s ministry is hard work! If you’re like me, you might sometimes collapse on the couch and wonder, Did my efforts make a difference? Did they really understand what I said? These kinds of doubts have been floating around since Bible times. As people brought children to Jesus, the disciples rebuked them. Perhaps they did not think children were worth the Lord’s time. But Jesus welcomed ... [Reading More]

Cain and Abel

Several years ago when I was pastor of a church in Kentucky, I went out to lunch with a group from the church and was introduced to my first hot brown. They had two sizes—regular and large—so of course I ordered the large and I enjoyed every bite of the creamy, cheesy bacon and turkey sandwich. As I finished my lunch, one of the ladies in the group said, "You know, Brian, they have this huge brownie sundae here that I have never seen anyone finish. I'll buy you one if you think you can finish ... [Reading More]

Sin Entered the World

I grew up in the 1970s and 80s which means one thing—I have seen every Rocky movie made (yes, even Rocky V, which coincidentally scores a 5.1 out of 10 on IMDB's website, or as I call it—4 points too high). Chances are that you have seen at least one of the Rocky movies as well. (And some would argue that if you have seen one Rocky movie, you have seen them all, but the subtleties and nuances of the Rocky movies are just lost on them!) That Rocky sure could take a beating, couldn't he? Apollo ... [Reading More]

Why storytelling matters for children’s ministry

Sam O'Neil

“Tell me about a time when you were a little girl,” I asked my mother time and time again growing up. There was something amazing and soothing, something funny and wonderful about hearing my mother (or father) tell me stories about their own lives; I listened enraptured to hear about the things they thought, or felt, or wanted when they were a child. Very few things made me feel closer to my parents than listening to tales of my mom being the principal’s daughter, or what it meant for my dad to ... [Reading More]

God Created People

In the 2000 movie Castaway, Tom Hanks played Chuck Noland, a FedEx systems engineer who survives a plane crash to be stranded alone on a South Pacific island for four years. Early on during his ordeal, Noland collects a handful of FedEx boxes that wash up onto the island and opens them to discover several items useful for surviving—the blades on a pair of ice skates, clothing, and netting to use for fishing.  And then Noland opens a box with a Wilson volleyball in it—not very useful for ... [Reading More]

God Created the World


My wife and kids gave me a wonderful gift of a framed set of three photos for Father's Day this year. On the left is a photo of my 10-year-old son, Joshua, holding a chalkboard sharing why he loves me. His face is typical for a 10-year-old who is shedding any semblance of childishness with each passing day. His reason for loving me—"there are too many reasons"—captures his personality. Joshua is deeply caring and also a perfectionist. Trying to articulate something as complex as his ... [Reading More]

Revised “I’m a Christian Now!” Resource


The LifeWay Kids team just released a newly revised edition of I'm a Christian Now! for use in kids ministries or in the home to help kids who have trusted in Christ begin to grow in their faith. You might notice that we have begun referencing this in the margin of the Younger Kids and Older Kids leader guides. Sometimes, we spend so much time and effort sharing the gospel with kids and leading them to follow the Spirit and trust in Jesus that we forget to equip them to be a long-term, ... [Reading More]