The Personality and Ministry of the Holy Spirit

My wife and I often feel as if  we don't pay as much attention to our oldest son, Joshua, as we should. For various reasons, our daughter, Hannah, and our youngest son, Caleb, end up receiving quite a bit of our time and attention and it seems as if Joshua is just there back in the shadows. I think the same can be said of how most followers of Christ interact with the Trinity as well. We talk and think about Jesus and God the Father quite a bit (as well we should), but we don't really talk ... [Reading More]

Humility in the Mission

Acts 1:4-11 is a familiar passage used in preaching and teaching about global missions, second perhaps only to the Great Commission. The beautiful and clear order of expanding the Kingdom given in verse 8 - Jerusalem, Judea, Samaria, and the ends of the earth - serves as a rallying cry for churches in America to begin missions in their local community (their Jerusalem), then expand to the nation (their Judea), then continue working out to neighboring nations (their Samaria), and then ultimately ... [Reading More]

Sharing Jesus as We Go

The Great Commission (Matthew 28:18-20) is a well-known and well-loved passage. And for good reason: it encapsulates the mission of every follower of Jesus Christ, including kids. This passage is often used in sermons and discussions about world missions - rightly so - but it is about so much more than that. It's about daily living. Part of our problem could be a result of not quite understanding the very first phrase in the commission: "go, therefore, and make disciples." When many of us ... [Reading More]

New for Kids this Fall: New Scope and Sequence

One of the most noticeable changes to the kids scope and sequence beginning this Fall is the equal amount of time spend in the Old Testament and New Testament. Unlike in the first scope and sequence where we spent more time in the Old Testament, we will now spend 18 months in each. What this means practically is that we are spending less time in the minor prophets and reallocating that time to the epistles. One change that you will not be able to notice by just examining the kids scope and ... [Reading More]

How To Get The Most Out Of #TGP15 On Monday, May 11, thousands of people will gather online for Gospel. Life. Ministry, a free online event sponsored by The Gospel Project. This online event features 24 of the most trusted pastors and church leaders talking about how the gospel relates to areas of life and ministry. Not only is this event well worth your time, it is absolutely free. Here are some tips for getting the most out of this online event. Connect with us: Follow The Gospel Project on ... [Reading More]

Desperate for Christ

There is a humorous scene in the movie Forest Gump where the title character, Forest, sees a friend, Lieutenant Dan, with which he had lost contact for a while. Forest is by himself on a moving shrimp boat near the docks when he looks up and sees Lt. Dan sitting on the dock. Forest's joy is evident as he stands up and waves at his friend. Then, without any thought, Forest dives right into the water to swim to his friend. A few minutes later, we see the empty shrimp boat crash into another ... [Reading More]

What’s New for Kids this Fall?

The brand new second cycle of The Gospel Project for Kids is about to be released in the next few weeks. Get ready, we think you are going to love what you see when it arrives! We learned quite a bit from the first cycle and so we are anxious to make The Gospel Project even better than before. Over the next several weeks we are going to walk you through the major updates and improvements for the upcoming three-year cycle of The Gospel Project for Kids. While the basic DNA is the same - ... [Reading More]

Struggling in Our Faith

I'm just going to put it on the table: Thomas has been given a bad rap. Who is Thomas, you ask? Perhaps this will help: Doubting Thomas. You know who I am talking about now, don't you? We all are familiar with the reason why Thomas is known as the Doubter found in John 20:24-29 which is also one of the study passages in the upcoming session, "Jesus Appeared to the Disciples." But how many of us recall that it was Thomas who, when Jesus shared that He wanted to go to Bethany after ... [Reading More]

Finish Strong

Can you believe it? You and your kids are about to complete a three-year study of the entire Bible!  My heart swells with joy and gratitude just writing those words! Three years of Bible stories. Three years of big picture questions. Three years of key passages. Three years of learning the Bible is one big story that points to Jesus! Here are some ways to reinforce what kids have learned over the last three years: Celebrate. What better way to commemorate three years of walking through ... [Reading More]

The Who of the Bible

The Bible is one big story centered around the Jesus. That is the driving truth behind The Gospel Project. It is essential that we teach our kids how to read the Bible through this lens, and it is perhaps the best way that we will help our kids learn to love to read the Bible and be positioned for a lifetime of fruitful times in God's Word. It is important that our kids know the basic facts of the Bible. These facts form the "what" of the Bible and connect with their minds. But we ... [Reading More]