Easter Lesson for Adults and Students

We have had some people ask what The Gospel Project will do for Adults and Students in regards to Easter. For those using the Spring material, you have probably realized that the scheduled lesson (session 5) is the intended lesson for Easter, especially as it considers The Resurrection and Exaltation of King Jesus. However, we are aware that there are many who may be working on a different schedule, and as a result do not have access to the intended Easter lesson. If this is you, and you would like to deviate from your own schedule to teach a Gospel Project lesson with an explicit Easter focus, feel free to download the Easter lesson below (of course, you will eventually see this session again as you naturally reach and move through the Spring curriculum). Here you will find PDF versions of this session in both Adult and Student Leader Guide and Personal Study Guide. We hope that it will serve you and your family in making much of King Jesus this Easter season.

Adult Leader Guide

Adult Personal Study Guide

Student Leader Guide

Student Personal Study Guide


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    Where can we download the mp3s for the music that goes along with the Easter lessons? We are only on Unit 3, so we haven’t received Unit 7 material to download. Thanks for any help.

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