New Editor of The Gospel Project for Students!

A.McLean picI’m excited to announce a new addition to The Gospel Project team – Andy McLean.

Andy comes to LifeWay from St. Augustine, Florida. He has a passion for students and student pastors. I look forward to seeing how The Gospel Project for Students is enhanced by his work.

Trevin Wax: Andy, tell us a little about how God has led you to this new role.

Andy McLean: I’m originally from Mobile, AL., having attended University of Mobile for undergraduate studies. It was during my early college years that I began to have a desire for the work of the ministry. So I began looking for different opportunities to serve in whatever capacity I could, whether that was being a youth intern at a church, or working on staff at summer church camps during my college summers.

Upon graduating from UM, I relocated to Wake Forest, NC. to attend Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary. I really enjoyed my time at SEBTS as I worked on my MDiv and ThM degrees. The highlight, of course, of my seminary career was when I meet my wife, Sarah McLean, who also studied at SEBTS.

In regards to preparing for ministry, I feel as if seminary was a place where I was able to sift through the areas of my giftedness a bit more by being involved in local church ministry. Through my church in Raleigh, I was able to participate in additional internships, serve as the college leader, and work with the children’s ministry on occasion. I was also able to work in curriculum development, being a part of producing Sunday School material and discipleship resources for student ministry, as well as continuing to work in camp ministry for part of that time.

Trevin Wax: Where did you go after seminary?

Andy McLean: I have been on faculty at a private Christian school in the Atlanta area, having taught courses on Christian Theology, Philosophy, Old Testament Literature, World Religions, and Latin to middle and high school students. I’ve also served on staff at a church as a youth and family minister in Florida, and I’m currently finishing a modular MA program at Biola in science and religion.

Trevin Wax: What will your new role at LifeWay be?

Andy McLean: I’m coming in as the content editor for The Gospel Project: Students, which, among other things, involves working with an incredibly talented team of individuals overseeing and giving shape to the material at the student level. Part of that will involve continuing to make the material age appropriate without detracting or compromising the content or integrity of it in any way.

Trevin Wax: What do you like about The Gospel Project?

Andy McLean: At the student level, which is what I primarily work with, The Gospel Project is unique in its starting point – theology. That’s different from some of our other pieces that are more expositional or thematically driven.

In addition to the starting point, I’m really grateful for its incorporation of systematic and biblical theology, its emphasis upon metanarrative and story, and the simple fact that it exists from the adult level down to kids, thus providing opportunities for family worship and discipleship.

It is a great tool and resource for the youth leader seeking to disciple students and teach them the whole council of God. I’m humbled to play a part in the process in making this resource available to churches.

Trevin Wax: Tell us a little about your family and your hobbies.

Andy McLean: My wife, Sarah, and I have one son, Isaac, who is currently 19 months old. We love to travel and do things outdoors, whether that involves camping, hiking, kayaking, going to the beach/mountains, or visiting National Parks. We love to read and write. We enjoy watching movies, especially ones that have a theme of adventure or relate the classic tale of good vs. evil. And right now we are really enjoying getting acclimated to the Nashville area, looking forward to settling in into our new home.