Introducing The Gospel: God’s Plan for Me

The following post was written by Meredith Teasley.  Meredith serves with LifeWay on the Discipleship in Context team. She helped create the gospel booklet and outline for use at CentriKid Camps, and is excited to see it become part of The Gospel Project for Kids.

the-gospel-gods-plan-for-me-245x3001We are so excited to introduce a new small tool you can use alongside The Gospel Project for Kids! If you’ve used the curriculum for any time at all, you’re probably familiar with The Gospel, God’s Plan for Me––a tool for explaining the gospel to kids as part of your large group or small group timeNow, LifeWay offers a small 16-page booklet by the same title that walks kids through the five points of our gospel outline, but in story form, with fun art, explaining difficult words and concepts in kid-friendly language! The booklet outlines the gospel story, beginning with creation, and helps kids understand our response to the gospel. This booklet is available online and in LifeWay stores as a resource you can use in your ministry.

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Why did we create this resource?

  • We wanted to provide a simple way for kids to hear the gospel story. For many kids, it takes hearing the same story in a number of ways before it catches on.
  • We realized that as leaders, we may be tempted to focus the bulk of our time and attention with kids on our response to the gospel, when kids may not even understand what exactly they are responding to.
  • We hoped to provide a true resource for leaders, and even adults who are not quite as as comfortable sharing the gospel in kid-friendly language.
  • We worked to offer something kids could keep for more than a day, re-read over and over again, or even pass along to a friend.

imageAside from The Gospel Project, where can you use it?

  • VBS
  • Summer camp
  • Outreach events
  • A resource for parents to take and use
  • Anytime you share the gospel story and invite kids to respond


Look for The Gospel, God’s Plan for Me, available in LifeWay stores and online, in packs of 10 for $4.99. The booklet includes corresponding Scripture passages, and is available in both HCSB and ESV.

COMING SOON: Look for The Gospel, God’s Plan for Me as a flipbook option in The Gospel Project Family App. Encourage parents to read the book with their kids through the app!