Leader Tips for Fall 2012, Session 7: Jesus, the Faithful Son

In this video, Trevin Wax coaches leaders on teaching Volume 1, Session 7: Jesus, the Faithful Son Who Obeys God’s Word.

For coaching videos for future lessons, see below.

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Session 12: Understanding How God Speaks

Session 13: Listening Together to the Voice of God


  1. Robin Snow says

    Our church is using the Gospel Project for our SS curriculum and I teach 7/8 grade girls in youth dept.
    I have studied the children’s material and find it to be pretty good but the material I have been given for my girls is not appropriate. It is the same as the adult material and we all attend a weekly class to go over the questions and material for the next week. If the adult teachers are having a hard time with this material, what do you expect a young girls youth teacher to do. I am basically having to rewrite the material or come up with my own lessons. The questions are unbelievable. My girls can’t understand the questions much less answer. I suggest you that you work on materila more suitable for middle school age groups. I would never recommend for youth.

    • J. Hooks says

      I completely agree with you, Robin. I teach the same age and it is very disappointing that the student material is almost the exact same as the adult! The student book HAS to change. Very frustrating.

      • momof2boys says

        My husband and I teach a 7th-8th grade class and spend a lot of time trying to adapt this to our group – and these are SMART kids. The biggest thing we think would help = adding activities. All youth need something much more active – even a few interactive worksheets would be helpful – we’re creating our own almost every week. I expect Lifeway products to be more “out of the box ready”…please re-work and re-structure this curriculum for Youth.

        • Linnie Brown says

          You might try to use the youth curriculum KNOWN. It is very youth related and youth friendly. It has great activities and will amke it easier for you to prerpare.

  2. Danny Legge says

    Robin, I am with you on this one. I have 7th-12 grade and I have to rewrite the lesson with language that the student will understand and I only have 25 minutes to do it in. I am learning that the best method for me is to read over the material and then try to make the lesson portable. I try to sum up the lesson like a facebook status. Something that they can easily quote and still get the point across. Teenagers can’t remember what they had for lunch that day let alone 3 points. :)

  3. David Booth says

    Trevin, I appreciate the leader video. It helps me to get oriented to the lesson purpose. One of the best resources I’ve ever used is Josh Hunt’s Good Questions. It’s something my leaders, regardless of skill, can use in the class. His resource library is something my staff and I can’t duplicate in terms of time and quality — I would say most churches fit into this mold. I would so appreciate if Lifeway would release Josh to write Good Questions on this curriculum line as he does the others. This resource will be sorely missed by our leaders and I’m afraid the quality of our teaching time will be greatly diminished.

    • Katherine Newman says

      This is a great idea. Even though I try to use Josh Hunt”s principles, I need help.
      Trevin, the weekly videos are great. You focus the lesson for me.

  4. Ray Carter says

    I love the material and the fact that our whole Church body is on the same page when in SS, but I agree with the youth material needing to change to better fit a youth class. I also think the leaders guide should not be just a bigger copy of the study guide. Very little difference between the two other than about 1 or 2 paragraphs and the fact that the study guide has 2 devotionals. The teaching plan listed is only equivalent to one page front and back. Just doesnt seem like the very slight difference should warrant double the price. As always it is a work in progress. Just seems to be lacking after teaching from the “Exploring the Bible” series.

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