Leader Tips for Fall 2012, Session 6: Numb to the Word

A brief coaching video from Trevin Wax for leaders of this week’s lesson, “Numb to the Word.”


  1. Elizabeth Bayle says

    I’m finding the Gospel Project had to prepare to teach. I do not have any Bible school training and so many of the words used in the lesson I don’t understand and my students don’t understand so we spend a lot of time talking about what words mean. Also my students miss having the things to put on the bulletin board. Talks about a time line and it is offerd for younger kids but I don’t see it offered for teens.

  2. Jennifer says

    I have been using this literature since September. I am an elementary school teacher and have worked in youth ministry for many years. I, too, find each lesson very difficult to prepare with words that are way over the heads of even our smartest senior high kids. The student book is not very engaging and I have to do a LOT of reading/study ahead of time just to begin to plan my lesson. Interest/interaction from the students has dropped way off. In my opinion, this literature is not appropriate for your average junior high/senior high student. It seems that one would need to be very confident or mature in their faith/relationship with God. For a new believer or young believer, this material is very intimidating and overwhelming.

  3. janice turner says

    I like the leadr tips video. I know teachers who need a written format for this due to dial-up service and needing to share with teachers who don’t
    have any way of seing the video.

  4. Ronald Laitano says


    Question and comment.
    I only recently noticed that the iPad app does not have the “Additional Resources” page found on the printed Leader’s guide. Is this going to change in the future? Maybe I’m not looking in the right spot, but it would be great to have the podcast links link straight to iTunes.

    Also, as useful as the gospelproject.com site is, I will humbly submit my opinion: navigation is clumsy. I was wondering if there are plans to make the Blog section of the website more user friendly? The current problem I found is navigating through walls of posts to find videos and no specific link to the “Additional Resources” page. Some of my teacher forget to use the URL /additional resources.

    Thanks! The curriculum is absolutely wonderful!

  5. Kathryn says

    Boy I wish these lessons were readily available for all the sessions. We are on session 8. And frankly, I have no idea how to teach this lesson to middle school students in a way that they will understand it. I’ve been teaching for more than 20 years and I’ve never struggled so hard with lesson prep! I thought I was going to love TGP, but I feel like I need to go to seminary to teach it. I’m all for depth, but surely I’m not the only one struggling. HELP!!

      • Kathryn says

        I went to the link you suggested, but all of the titles say “The Gospel Project for Adults.” Clearly 6th graders are not adults so before I watch too much of the video, are there specific videos for teaching this to students?

        Why are there are no student ministry leaders involved in the prep of this curriculum. I find that no attention has been paid to the learning styles of today’s teenager.

        How is the student material different from the adult material because at first pass I see no difference?

        • Chad says

          With the Adult and Student studies, much of the teaching content is similar. Some lessons, there is very little differences in the teaching content while in others the changes are more substantial. One of the major areas of difference is with questions and examples. You won’t see any stories or examples involving parents int he student study. Also, in the Personal Study Guide, there are 3 mid week readings that are aimed at students.

          Not only are student ministry leaders involved, each Volume multiple student leaders write for the Gospel Project. Several of our Fuge speakers contribute to the devotional readings found in the Personal Study Guide. That is where we focus specifically on the students and their learning styles. We try to pair the in depth teaching of group times with a story based approach to the devotionals.

          Since they are close in content, Trevin’s video helps will help student teachers as well. We are in the process of developing videos similar to what is available to the Adult.

  6. Jake Cannon says

    I have been teaching for sevral years. I will be teaching “Numb to the Word” tomorrow. All adult teachers have been ask to have a vote with our Sunday school members tomorrow on keeping the Gospel Project or go back to Exploring the Gospel, which we have used for several years. Our Min. of Education will hold a meeting tomorrow night to vote on one or the other. I’ve been at this Church for almost 40 years and because of the writers and advisory councel and finding out everyone concerned with this Gospel Project being strong or moderate Calvinist, it may very well cause big problems in our Church. I guess the same will apply with “Exploring the Gospel”? I do not believe in the “Five Points”! May God bless!

  7. Jeff says

    I use Gospel Project for Students and find we cannot get through a complete lesson in an hour. So we are behind but our teenagers are are learning it and the questions and comments they have are great!

  8. Theodore Thibodeaux says

    Heading into session 6 and still Loving the Gospel Project! My class is more enguaged, the discussion stays on topic, the attandance is up and more consistant. I’m loving the endless amount of resources. I’m better prepared than ever before. Now if I could get better at presenting it :) Keep up the good work Guys ! God Bless

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