Kids Unit Themes–REVISED

Some of you have asked for a list of all the unit decorating themes for The Gospel Project for Kids– so here they are!  You can download the list of all 36 to print here.

Update:  The list we previously shared was incorrect.  Be sure to download the updated list.    

Unit 1: In the Beginning (5 sessions) Airplane

Unit 2: God’s Covenant With People (3 sessions) Camping

Unit 3: The Covenant Renewed (5 sessions) News Studio 

Unit 4: Christmas  (3 sessions) Christmas

Unit 5: God Formed His Nation (5 sessions) Archaeology

Unit 6: The Wilderness (6 sessions) Camel Tour Guide

Unit 7: Easter (3 sessions) Easter

Unit 8: Joshua (6 sessions) Fort

Unit 9: The Judges (4 sessions) Reality Show Theater

Unit 10: Hints of Christ (3 sessions) Private Investigation

Download the complete list here.