Kids Unit Themes–REVISED

Some of you have asked for a list of all the unit decorating themes for The Gospel Project for Kids– so here they are!  You can download the list of all 36 to print here.

Update:  The list we previously shared was incorrect.  Be sure to download the updated list.    

Unit 1: In the Beginning (5 sessions) Airplane

Unit 2: God’s Covenant With People (3 sessions) Camping

Unit 3: The Covenant Renewed (5 sessions) News Studio 

Unit 4: Christmas  (3 sessions) Christmas

Unit 5: God Formed His Nation (5 sessions) Archaeology

Unit 6: The Wilderness (6 sessions) Camel Tour Guide

Unit 7: Easter (3 sessions) Easter

Unit 8: Joshua (6 sessions) Fort

Unit 9: The Judges (4 sessions) Reality Show Theater

Unit 10: Hints of Christ (3 sessions) Private Investigation

Download the complete list here.  




  1. deana sellers says

    Hey Thanks! This will be a GREAT help for planning ahead! I’m presenting a session of TGP for kids at our Annual SS Banquet this weekend. I’m really excited about it – even though we’re only in week 2. :)

  2. Robert Jackson says

    having a really tough time navigating there resources for grades 1 and two. Is that kids or students ? Our church bought the project but I cant seem to find all the back up resources with out buying more from Life Way. Is that how it works? Please help

    • kdecillo says

      Grades one and two would be included in the kids material. Student material is recommended for middle/high schoolers. If you have purchased the Kids Leader Kit, you’ll find the additional resources on the Enhanced CD. You should be able to pop in in a computer and open the files.

  3. Brian Schwarberg says

    I was wondering if Volume 2 begins with “God Formed His Nation” or if it begins with the Christmas Unit? I didn’t see the Christams Unit in the decorating themes, and was wondering if the Christmas Unit was part of Volume 2 or a separate purchase? Thanks.

  4. susan says

    I’m interested in starting The Gospel Project in the coming new year 2013 (we’re currently using a different curriculum that’ll cover til the end of the year), but the fact that it’s label for Fall2012 makes us feel like we have fallen behind. Since the curriculum runs on a 3-year cycle, is it necessary to date it? Or should we just order the Spring 2013 curriculum (and miss the all important creation account?! What is your suggestion?

    • kdecillo says

      Susan, we also offer an undated version. It will be available for purchase shortly for folks who would like to start anytime! You can start from the beginning or jump right in!

    • Kayg says

      Our church is starting in December with Christmas. We will move from that point forward and finish in the Old Testament in three years. It’s such an easy curriculum to jump right into.

  5. Mynett Camp says

    Please help …I may be reading it wrong, but on the activity sheet Unit 1 Session 2 older kids.. the books in the Bible ..the 2nd question..there is not enough blanks for the answers which should be 1 Thessalonians. Please help.. tell me if my answer is wrong!

  6. Melissa Doyle says

    We have purchased both the curriculum for Sunday School and additional hour of material and videos to use during Children’s Church. The 2nd hour of material repeats a lot of what was discussed during Sunday School and will likely be too repetitive to keep kids attention. The worship videos and game suggestions are good but won’t fill the 45 minutes of time that we need. I would be very interested in knowing how other churches are handling this issue as well as suggestions from the team at . Thanks!

    • Michelle Poluikis says

      We have the same issue @ our church. If the kids are reluctant to sit through the video again I give them the option of acting out the story. They love this and even the children still sitting get involved by adding info that was left out by the actors or points that were made by their Sunday School teacher. I set up activity centers for after worship/Bible and have the DVD on in a quiet area for any student that would like to see the Bible story again. This works well also for the children that don’t attend Sunday school.

  7. Karalee Workun says

    The Timeline Maps are beautiful but it was just too big for our large group room. We
    purchased the smaller one but its a little small for the kids to see. Are there any plans for something in between? Really like the style on the larger Timeline Map.

  8. wayne spoonts says

    Not following the Unit Themes. Is I start with Unit 1, Session 1 on September 2nd, and count the sessions, then I will be doing the unit 6 Christmas sessions February 17, 24, and March 3. Please explain!

  9. Dorothy says

    Does anyone know if a clipart logo is available for the next unit theme for Camping? What about the posters to download for the unit verse and big picture questions? Thanks much!

    • kdecillo says

      Hey Dorothy,

      There will be clipart available soon. The unit verse and big picture questions are included in the curriculum materials.

  10. says

    Is there an easy way to get clipart for each unit? As I prepare to decor our stages for each unit, I like to use the themed clipart to create unit tags and emulate the look in life size form, but i always have to hunt and peck around to find the clipart. I don’t see anything up yet for Unit 10?? We will begin that Unit next (Sept 15) and I want to start preparing. Do you have any easier way we can get that clipart ahead of time on your site?

  11. Sarah Traynum says

    I am days away from ordering our first quarter of TGP. We will implement this curriculum in January 2014. Do you have a suggestion for which unit I should begin with? I assume Unit 1, but Unit 4 is the Christmas lessons. I am sure the answer is right in front of me, but I must be overlooking it.

    • Lindsay Curtis says

      Hi Sarah, there are a couple of ways you can do this. If you start with “In the Beginning” you can skip the Christmas sessions and move forward. That means you will begin future quarters three weeks earlier. You can either take the books back from teachers and redistribute them at Christmas time, or download the Christmas lessons online when Christmas come back around. We have those sessions available for free. Your other option is to join us with the ongoing curriculum. You will still get three Christmas lessons because our winter quarter starts in December. However, it will all work out by next Christmas. If you have any other questions email me at

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