Training Resources for Preschool Leaders

Traveled any this summer? If so, you probably chose a destination, packed a bag with necessary supplies and clothing, and then proceeded to get a map or guide as you planned for a smooth and exciting journey.
In like manner, many of you have chosen to use The Gospel Project in Bible study for older preschoolers in your church beginning soon. You’ve ordered your resources and you now need a training plan so that your teachers can have a smooth and successful journey in this three year chronological study of the Bible.
We’ve prepared that training plan for you! You can find that one hour training plan here. The plan involves minimal preparation and resources. It will fuel your teachers excitement about The Gospel Project for Preschoolers and equip them to understand each element of a teaching session with these resources.  Here are the G-O-S-P-E-L letters and placards the document refers to.

We believe that something incredible happens when people understand how the gospel story is woven throughout the Bible—that all Scripture, from Genesis to Revelation, points to God’s plan of redemption for His people through Jesus Christ. Your teachers are in for an enriching experience with The Gospel Project for Preschoolers. Check out the training plan today!