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One of the great things about The Gospel Project is that you can decide which delivery format works best for your church– print or digital resources. We want to make sure you have all the details; below, you’ll find overviews for preschool and kids materials, along with some helpful tips for making sure you have everything you need for your kids ministry!

And what’s the deal with Essentials, Essentials Plus, and Essentials Pro? Well, that’s our digital download option for both preschool AND younger/older kids.

Think of it this way– Essentials is everything you need, Essentials Plus is everything you need plus music, and Essentials Pro is everything you need, plus music, plus the additional hour of worship.  You can learn more about the additional hour of worship here.

If you still have questions, feel free to leave a comment, or give us a call at +1 800 458-2772.  Our Customer Service representatives have been trained on answering all your questions about The Gospel Project and can even help you place your order.

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  1. LJ says

    I am Sunday School Teacher at a small church in Queens, NY. We rent from the church and it does not have a TV, where we would be able to play the video clips. Would we able to watch it somehow on an IPAD? I am trying to figure out what the various options we have.

    Thank you!

    • Tim Pollard says

      Bill, if you download the weekly session from the Pilot Program site the activity page that comes with the session will be the same page included in the activity pages you would receive in the print version. In the print version for preschool and younger kids the other side of the activity page will be the coloring sheet. For older kids there is an additional activity page on the other side. Both of those pages will be found in the download you have for the Pilot Program.

  2. Erin Pierce says

    I noticed that the Bible Story videos are exactly the same from preschool through older kids. Is there a reason you did not make them different based on the age and development level of the children? Just curious about the decisions that went into creating this wonderful curriculum. Thank you!

    • Tim Pollard says

      Hi, Erin. Thank you for your kind words.

      While planning the materials it is our desire to make these appropriate for the age group they are intended for. The videos for preschoolers are different most weeks. When the content was similar enough you will see the same video for both preschool and kids. What you may have noticed however is that the themes of the videos are almost identical, but the words the storyteller uses will be different for many of the preschool videos. As a general rule between 6 and 10 of the videos each quarter will be different for preschoolers. Hope that helps.

      • Erin Pierce says

        Thanks for your response! I must have either watched videos that were the same or someone missed the differences.

        We are very excited to begin using this curriculum in the fall!

  3. Debbie Hanks says

    We are very excited about the Gospel Project….is there a FAMILY TAKE HOME PAGE, something to reinforce the Truths as a family throughout the week?
    Deb Hanks

    • Tim Pollard says

      Hi Debbie, there is a file of “Family Journal Pages” on the Pilot Project website that you can download and review. These pages are intended for families to use together at home during the week to help and reinforce the teaching.

  4. hunter baker says

    I’ve noticed that your younger and older kids curriculum are combined. Does that include two DVD’s in the kit, one for the younger and one for the older? Also, can you purchase the DVD without buying the entire kit?


    • kdecillo says

      Hunter, yes they are on one DVD for Large Group. However, for additional copies of the DVD, contact customer service at 800.458.2772

  5. says

    Is the pilot program material the same as the first month of the purchased curriculum? If we try it for a month and decide to use it, will we have to repeat the first month?

        • kdecillo says

          Carrie, you can purchase either. The pilot is the first four lessons of the Fall material. After that, you can purchase the undated Volume 1 to start in the beginning (you’d get the four pilot lessons, plus 9 new lessons) or purchase Winter to be on track with ordering on a regular schedule every quarter.

          • Carrie Nye says

            How many units are in each quarter? I’m trying to figure out how we won’t miss anything, but still do Christmas and Easter at the appropriate times…..
            Also, if I purchase the digital curriculum, will I be able to edit it online and email it to my volunteers? I want to be able to send them only the activities that we will be using each week.

          • kdecillo says

            You will definitely be able to edit if you purchase the digital format. The number of units varies, but the Christmas and Easter lessons will always be available online for free download.

  6. David Cash says

    Is there a way to download all the digital files as one file (maybe a .zip file)? It was quite annoying and time consuming to download each individual files off the pilot project page,

    • Tim Pollard says

      David, yes, there is a way on the actual purchase of the curriculum to download the digital files in one portfolio file. Unfortunately for the pilot project we did not have that set up. If you purchase the digital resource you will have access to a portfolio file that will have all of it in there. The only exception is the Essentials Pro bundle would have three downloads instead of one simply because of the size and number of files involved, but still much easier than downloading each individual component.

      • Janet says

        I didn’t know this, we are spending a TON of time downloading individual songs/videos/etc. Can you tell me more about this?

  7. Kim Hayes says

    Small group visual packs.. is this something extra or is it part of the digital download? Where would I find this? I am part of the pilot program

    • Tim Pollard says

      Kim, the Small Group Visual Pack is an extra purchase. They are designed for use in small group rooms and contain 32 posters 11-by-17-inches. You can choose to purchase it digitally and print it yourself, or you can by the printed posters.

  8. Cheryl Littleton says

    Hey, Tim! I don’t see where you go to purchase the Small Group Visual Pack digitally. Someone sent me a link to purchase it, but I didn’t see where you could get it digitally. I’m loving getting all of this digitally, btw.

  9. Shari Lim says

    We are excited to try out TGP this month in hopes it will be what we are looking for. Does the Pre-school curriculum have a Session 5 like the older groups, or does it stop at 4?

    Thank you!

  10. Shari Lim says

    Hi again~
    On the Preschool lesson/worship 3, MY GOD IS SO BIG is referenced as a song. When I click on the link to the song, it plays Every Move I Make. Am I missing something?

    Thanks so much!

    We are loving TGP so far!

  11. Jenn Ramsek says

    The printed material overview links appear to be broken. I’d love to see info about the print editions if possible. Thanks!

  12. Karen Tayne says

    I noticed that the literature takes a break from the chronilogical order for Christmas and Easter. What happens with the timeline visuals during these months? Are they simply not used?

    • timpollard says

      Hi, Karen. If you have purchased either the Timeline Map or the Small Group Visual Pack, both contain the Christmas and Easter stories, but in their chronological place on the timeline. Our suggestion is to show that piece of the timeline when you are talking about Christmas or Easter, or if you have the entire timeline displayed, just visually show the children where those events happened and help them understand that this is where in history those events actually occurred.

  13. Angie Cosgrove says

    We want to use this for Children’s Church ages preschool thru 4th grade. We want to splint into 2 age groups between 1st and 2nd grade. I am trying to figure out what to order. Should we order pre-school and young kids? What is the most inclusive products to order? We want to order in print format. Could you direct me so we are not duplicating and we are obtaining what we need. Thank you.

    • kdecillo says

      Hey Angie! Sounds like you’ll need a Preschool Leader Kit ($59.95) and a Kids Leader Kit ($79.95, includes “younger” and “older”) and an activity pack for each child in your ministry ($2.50 each). Feel free to give customer service a call and they can help walk you through an order and answer any questions you may have! (800) 458-2772

  14. Michelle Felton says

    Our church is looking for new Sunday School curriculum and we are checking out the first month sample material (which looks great by the way).
    Just have a couple of questions:
    1. In the Kids Leader’s kit (print version), how many of the Younger & Older activity pages are included as well as the parent pages to send home with the children?
    2. Are any song videos included in the Kids Leader’s kit or would we need to order the Kids Leader’s kit with worship?
    3. We offer Children’s Church during the sermon portion of the main service for 1st -3rd grades. What would we order if we wanted to continue the theme during that time? (Children’s church is in addition to our traditional Sunday School classes.)

    • kdecillo says

      Hey Michelle–

      Glad to answer a few of your questions.

      1. The Kids Leader Kit will include on set of activity pages & big picture cards for families. Additional sets are available for $2.50 per child. You’ll find this on the website as an “Activity Pack”.
      2. In the print kit, there are three unit songs and three key passage songs.
      3. Children’s Church is the perfect place to use the additional hour of worship materials found in the Kids Leader Kit with Worship!

  15. Pastor Amy says

    We are trying to decide which version to order, the print or the digital. I am wondering, in the print versions of the Leader Kits for preschool and kids, is there just one Activity Pack included? Just wanted to clarify!

    Also, when the digital version is printed, it would have a similar ‘look’ to a purchased print version, correct? Like the pilot lessons? This will be important for some of our teachers :)


    • kdecillo says

      Hey Amy-

      There is one copy of the Activity Pack included in the print versions. You can purchase additional packs (we recommend one per child) for $2.50.

      The digital option will be very similar–if not the same as– the printed version.

      Let us know if there are any other questions we can answer for you!

  16. Pastor Kurt says

    I was told that the video files are in mp4’s can you give any more specific detail as to what it contains? Mp4 is a container, and it depends on what is put into the container. DivX and xvid with mp3 audio or other options. Please could I get info to see if I can use a certain device to play video. Depending on answer I may be able to use my ps3 to download and play the videos. Thank for info

  17. Eric Haynes says

    After looking through all the stuff, I’ve been pretty impressed. However, because of some stuff we already do, I don’t need everything that is offered. I want to figure out the least expensive way to get exactly the pieces that I need. Can you help me out?

    Here’s what I want for my “older kids” ministry, in order of importance to me:

    1. Worship Session scripts
    2. Bible Story Videos
    3. Parent Resources and Family Journal Pages
    4. Timeline Map
    5. Mission Videos

    I do not want the small group studies (we will use the Key Passages, but have our own discussion question process for those), nor do I want the worship songs (again, we have our own that our kids already know and respond well to) or the Discussion Start Videos (again, we have a set process for small group discussions).

    How can I get those? I can be reached at if we need to set up a phone conversation. Thanks!!

    PS My only negative critique on the curriculum is that I find the activity pages for the Older kids too young. I think my kids would judge them boring and too easy, especially my 4th/5th grade boys.

    • kdecillo says

      Hey Eric,

      Please feel free to drop me an email at if you’d like to set up a phone conversation. Hopefully this will help!

      Unfortunately, the only way to get the Kids worship script is through purchase of the Leader Kit with Worship (known as Essentials Pro in the downloadable version).

      I’m thinking the downloadable version might be the best option for your church because you would only have to download the items that you would need or use and not have to worry about the rest of the resources that you don’t need.

      The Timeline Map serves as a one-time purchase for everyone. It’s just $49.95.

      Looks like you would just need to purchase the Essentials Pro digital, following the pricing tier for the number of children in your “older kids” ministry — OR– Leader Kit with Worship — as well as the timeline map.

      Thanks for your feedback! I’ll pass it along to our team. Feel free to shoot me an email if you need further clarification.

      • Olga says

        I agree with Eric about the activity pages. . .they could work for younger kids, but we are planning to use the Older kids curriculum for 4th to 6th graders and I don’t see them engaging in those :/
        Actually by looking at Worship guide, the group games would be something I would prefer to do over the activity sheets. I wish you would have put those games IN the bible study guide itself, and not separated :(

  18. Scott McDonald says

    Suggestions on which resources to get for our church plant? (We LOVE the pilot materials, btw) We have under 20 in preschool, and under 25 in PreK-5th. I lean toward the digital, but I’m wondering if print would be an advantage?

    • kdecillo says

      Hey Scott! Many churches love the flexibility of the digital materials and add the Activity Packs (activity page, coloring sheet and Big Picture Cards for Families) for $2.50 per child to cut down on printing time/expenses.

  19. Carrie Nye says

    Is there anything in the pilot materials that is not included in the digital purchase? Specifically, are the discussion starter videos included in the essentials plus? Also is there any music in the essentials? If so, what additional music is included in the essentials plus? Thanks :)

  20. Brian Teague says

    I didn’t learn about the Gospel project until too late to start in the fall (first heard at CentriKid late summer). We are going to be using it for our children’s classes, but now I am wondering whether it would be better to buy both Quarter 2 materials for December and Quarter 1 materials to start in January, thus always being several months behind, but actually starting at the “beginning.” Or should I just order Quarter 2 materials and start there and skip the whole first quarter. What do you guys suggest?

  21. Gari' Horton says

    Quick Question….We open our Sunday School time with a “Worship Rally” for 20-25 minutes, for Kinder-5th grade. For this time, I create a Power Point presentation, pulling from the Worship DVD. This includes songs and the Bible Story. Unfortunately this week we hit a snag. The song “By Faith” on the Worship DVD is different than the version on the CD. Is there any way to get the video presentation for the version of the song that is on the CD?

  22. Kristi Kent says

    My big question, is it really able to be customized? I really dislike including parts we will not use with the teachers guides. And will I be able to add into the documents? I do not want to print portions I will not use and then have to mark them out so to say, so the teachers know we are not using that portion. It also looks bad. Thank you!

    • kdecillo says

      If you purchase the digital material, you’ll receive an RTF file which can be edited any way you like in a program like Word.

  23. says

    Is there a place we can download high-resolution files of the Kids Bible Story Printables and the Kids Key Passage Printables so we can enlarge them and create 2’x3′ posters from them to use along with the curriculum? The printables given are only large enough to print clearly on an 8.5×11″ sheet of paper.

    • Tim Pollard says

      Thanks Angie. Currently what we are providing is at the highest resolution possible. I’ll pass your comments on to folks from our production team to explore other options.

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